Why your production deserves a professional studio master


Is your recording or production lacking that special “something” to help it compete with your favorite artists? Are you having trouble reaching a competitive volume for your genre without losing your original sound design? Tired of hopping from one sound engineer to the next?

We understand your frustration and our professional audio mastering services can help. You’ve worked hard on every second of your recording. Give yourself a break, take the worry and stress out of the rest of the process while also bringing in a fresh set of experienced ears to help you get every subtle expression presented accurately and with a high quality and competitive overall balance.

Mastering is the process of taking a completed audio mix and processing it so that it achieves the overall balance and loudness of comparable commercial recordings and publications in the respective genre or niche. There many different tools that are used to complete this final stage before publication and the history of what is known as “the black art” of mastering has passed down from many interesting beginnings to become what it is known as popularly today.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and work with clients on their budget and on their time… we will not settle unless our clients are satisfied with the results and take every available action to both meet and exceed expectations wherever possible. If you are not satisfied we will reprocess your mix or master until you are perfectly happy or provide a full and complete refund immediately. We also provide audio mixing engineer services as well if you need help with this process as well.


We’re tired of seeing high ticket studios putting out lack-luster material and charging hard working, independent artists much more than they can afford. Cb Media has decades of experience working with and producing in all types of popular genres, particularly in the electronic music domains. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our clients and by giving our customers exactly what they would like to hear. Contact Cb Media Online Music Studio Services today and take advantage of our current promotion to lock in your rates for life.