Cypress Cay Pontoons


Cypress Cay Pontoons is one of United States’ leading manufacturers premium, luxury, and custom pontoon boats. The company sells both within the United States and internationally. While domestic sales are done in-person as well as through dealers, international sales are exclusively done through a network of highly reputed and trusted dealers.

Specializing in offering boats that double as destination as well as fishing boats, Cypress Cay Pontoons are known to build boats that are superior in both looks and functionality and can cater to a large number of people at the same time without any hassles and troubles. Cypress Cay’s highly innovative line of pontoon boats offer their customers the excellent value for money with their feature-richness and user-friendliness. They also have a well-put together customer service system to make sure that problems are solved with ease and efficiency.

Cypress Cay’s lineup is divided into four models based upon their design elements – these are the Cayman, the Cabana, the Seabreeze, and the C Series. All boats are fully backed by a 5-year Bow-to-Stern warranty (which covers workmanship and materials) as well as a Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty (that covers the decking, pontoon tubes, fence rail, crossmembers, and motormount).

Cypress Cay is also known for organizing a highly-active and well-functioning community of passionate vacationers who support others and regularly speak of their experiences through stories, photos and videos – both online and in-person.

Contact Information:

1111 N Hadley Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46804