Tahoe Pontoon Boats


Tahoe Pontoon Boats is a manufacturer of high-end pontoon boats meant for family and recreational use. A leader in the pontoon boating industry and the creators of some of the finest boats in the US, Tahoe Pontoon Boats was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Alma, Michigan. The company sells its products via authorized dealers.

Tahoe Pontoon Boats is always on the lookout for including the latest technology on the market in its products and already uses several cutting-edge technologies such as electronic saws, water jet cutters, and computer-driven Gerber fabric cutters, among others.

A vertically integrated builder, Tahoe’s key strength lies in the fact that it makes everything (including, but not limited to – pontoons, furniture and framing) in its own facility, which gives it the ability to have a much greater control over its production process, and in turn makes for manufacture of superior quality products. Armed with an expert and highly qualified team of experienced quality assurance engineers, assemblers, welders, and furniture makers, as well as an exceptionally efficient and polite customer service team, Tahoe Pontoon Boats’ products and services are second to none.

Besides having the lowest number of warranty claim incidences in the US, Tahoe Pontoon Boats has been the winner of the NMMA CSI Award for nine consecutive years (2008-2016) for its high-quality customer service. All of Tahoe’s pontoons are certified by the National Marine Manufacturer Association (NMMA), which, according to U.S. Coast Guard statistics, are much safer than boats that are uncertified.

Contact Information:

903 Michigan Ave.
Alma, MI 48801

(800) 334-2913