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Landau is a manufacturer of premium and luxury pontoon boats for families as well as recreational boaters. Headquartered in Lebanon, Missouri the company is an independent, family-owned manufacturing unit that is dedicated to bringing its customers the best in terms of safety, quality and enjoyment.

Founded in 1972, Landau Boats is well-known for offering state-of-the-art pontoon boats that are ideal for family use. Their well-built products are well-known for offering the best possible value for money and are available in a range that is large enough to cater to all kinds of interests and budgets. All of Landau’s boats are backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Landau Boats take pride in every aspect of their work – something that shows in terms of their superior performance. They take care of all aspects themselves – from ownership to management and everything in-between. They are also one of the few pontoon manufacturers that build almost all of their equipment in-house – including, furniture, upholstery and most of the aluminum components.

Landau offers pontoon boats under several “series,” based upon their distinctive features and level of customizability. These include the budget A’Lure Fishing Series (ideal for family cruising on a budget and the Island Breeze Series (which are best suited to sunset cruises and watersports), as well as the premium Atlantis Series (which are ideal for morning cruises) and the Signature Series (which packs in every feature of the ideal luxury pontoon boat).

All of Landau’s boats are NMMA certified, thus proving that they meet all industry as well as safety standards.

Contact Information:

2000 Evergreen Pkwy
Lebanon, MO 65536