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Why Go Pontooning?

  1. Good For You
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  3. Easy on the Wallet
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  5. Healthy Outdoor Adventure For All!

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Boating Tips & Advice

New Pontoon Boats in 2020

It’s the beginning of the new year, and with the new year comes new hopes, dreams, resolutions, and of course, vacation plans! With spring and summer seasons just around the corner, many are currently busy making plans on how they will be spending their time in the sunny outdoors. For many, of course, pontooning is the vacation of choice. Offering the right combination of shelter and exposure to the outdoors, pontooning is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling recreational activities that can be enjoyed both alone and in groups (such as with family or with friends).
If you’re among the many looking to get into the activity for a while, or are looking for a new pontoon boat to replace your current one, here are some of the freshest models of 2020:

Bennington BowriderBennington Bowrider

If you are looking for an all-round experience for a fun and sporty experience with family and/or friends, look no further than the Bennington Bowrider. Versatile enough for both sports and casual cruising, the Bowrider comes in a V-Hull performance package, enhanced sight lines for both captains and co-captains, and a low-profile bow with integrated view ports that enhance the level of visibility for passengers alike. The most striking feature of the boat, however, is the pioneering first step-down U-Lounge™ seating arrangement that allows for seating that tops in efficiency whilst bringing people closer together.

Starcraft SLS Series

If what you are after is an exciting ride on the water, and your priority is a boat that can offer such a level of mobility, then the all-new SLS series is ideal for you.  Boats in this series are known for their well-placed HMX tubes and stakes that offer a higher quality of speed and planning, an enhanced lift, a tight turning radius, and most importantly a lower level of surface drag. High on technicality, they offer all the three types of steering (i.e. wheel, tilt and hydraulic), voltmeter and speedometer, and 25” diameter tubes with 100% welded aluminum transom. Models are available in an assorted range of colors.

Starcraft EX Series

If you are among those who have space as their priority and are not shy to spend a little extra to get the best experience, EX series will be your best choice. Prioritizing comfort to the maximum, this series – which has both fishing and cruising models – has 5 very versatile layouts on spacious 8' widths, making it suitable for even the largest of group travelers. Boats sport 25” diameter tubes with 100% welded aluminum transom, and marine-quality decking and carpeting. All boats are equipped with trim gauge technology that enables maximum smoothness along with maximum fuel saving. Models are available in an assorted range of colors.

Lowe Boats SS170

If you are looking for something that is simple and compact yet well-equipped, look no further than the all-new SS170. Known for packing in the features of larger pontoon boats on its smaller size, this boat packs in high-quality constructions in a remarkable SS styling. The boat’s most remarkable feature, however, remains to be its 25” diameter logs, each with separate and airtight chambers which together make for a very stable and reliable solution, especially if you are out pontooning with family. Further protection is added by the full-length keels that line each pontoon which add extra protection and allow for seamless tracking.  

Sharing the Water: Environmentally Safe Boating Tips

  Portrait-Of-Young-Family-BoatingBoating is a fun, recreational activity enjoyed by thousands of people every year. What many miss, however, is the fact that over the past couple of years, it has also turned out to be one of the most environmentally hazardous activities. In fact, it is estimated that the volume of oil pollution and hydrocarbon entering the water every year is at least fifteen times more than the amount that was spilled in the Exxon Valdez incident alone. Due to a large number of boaters operating either carelessly or without adequate knowledge of following safe boating rules, the waters they operate in gets severely affected with pollutants – which in turn endangers both plant and animal life that thrive in the water and harms the environment at large. The only way to prevent this from happening is to follow all safety rules and best practices. Here are some ways in which boaters can enjoy their rest and recreation, while making sure that they do not end up harming the environment.

Avoid Oil and Fuel Spills

Not surprisingly, oil spills are one of the biggest environmental hazards that comes with boating. In fact, as much as 30% of oil used in two-stroke engines actually ends up being spit into the water. Fortunately, this can be prevented. For starters, you must always fuel your boat at the dock and not in the water to prevent even the most minuscule of accidental spillages. You must also refrain from filling the gas tank to the brim – this often causes leakage as gasoline tends to expand and overflow with the application of engine heat. Additionally, make sure to conduct regular checks on your tank for any fissures or cracks that could potentially cause a leakage, and repair them well before you enter the water. Last but not the least, if you do encounter any leakages or find any fuel leaked in the water (whatever its source may be), you must immediately report it – this will help reduce the damage caused to a great extent.

Control Potential Pollutants

Oil and fuels are not the only category of liquid pollutants – human (and sometimes animal) waste, cosmetics, and paints also cause considerable pollution when exposed to the water. This too can be easily prevented – for starters, you must have a suitable solution (like a Marine Sanitation Device) for disposing sewage. Make sure to take any paints and other maintenance-related chemicals off of the boat before you enter the water, and in case you are going swimming, make sure to rinse off any sunscreens, repellents and/or any other cosmetics as much as is possible.

Be Wary of Garbage

Besides oil and liquid spills, garbage is the biggest pollutant that threatens marine life. It is not at all uncommon for animals to accidentally ingest garbage, which almost always turns out to be fatal. Garbage from boats constitutes a wide range of things, from trash (such as papers and wrappers), to boating-related items (like fishing hooks and lines) to toys used by children. As a boater, you must make sure to follow the golden rule of never dumping any trash into the water - every item you bring on board must go back with you to the dock. Keep bins to store garbage, bags for fishing gear, and boxes for toys. Ensure that nothing is left in the open that can be blown away into the water. Also make sure to collect toys when they are not in use.

Keep Your Eyes Open

When it comes to boating (and especially so if you are the one operating the boat), staying vigilant at all times is a must. While it is common practice to be aware of swimmers, surfers and other boaters, there are other things one must take care of as well. As a boater, you should be aware of the animals in the area they are sailing in and must make it a point to take note of specific areas where fragile habitats thrive. This is not too difficult, as these areas – generally called “no wake” zones, are always marked.
Additionally, avoid shallow water and sea grass wherever it is possible. Not only can boating in such areas cause your boat to get stuck, it has the potential to destroy the plant habitat. Also make sure to adjust your propeller as and when necessary in order to avoid stirring up any sediment that can potentially disrupt the water’s mineral composition.
Last but not the least, you must refrain from boating at night, especially if you don’t fulfill the adequate requirements or are new to the activity. Also keep off of any and all alcohol when on the water – alcohol consumption causes impairment in awareness and judgement, which will only make you more prone to accidents.  


  Pontoon 3 - Sun protection for boatersFor many people, boating and sailing are fulfilling and enjoyable summertime leisure activities. Barely surprising, as spending time on the water (and in a boat) under the warm sun is one of the most relaxing things that one can engage in, especially during hot summer months. That being said, there are a few caveats when it comes to boating, one of them being protection from the sun. While relaxing in sunny weather is invigorating, not taking adequate precautions before doing so can have the opposite effect. Skin damage, eyes damage and sunburn are only some of the many adverse effects boaters can suffer if they are not careful. Here are some sun protection tips to help you make sure you are taking the right protection when going out in the sun:

Make sure to use sunscreen

First and foremost, you must never step out in the sun without putting on your sunscreen. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor of at least 30) with water-resistant properties (as you will also be out in the water). Make sure to have a sunscreen that suits your particular requirements and ensure that you apply it everywhere you are exposed to the sun, including the back of the neck and the rim of the ears.

Always cover up

There was a very valid reasons for pirates to dress up the way they did – to keep themselves protected from the harmful effects of being overexposed to the sun! While you no longer need to dress like a pirate (unless that’s your deliberate plan), you must make sure to wear the right stuff to beat the heat. Clothing containing Ultraviolet Protective Factor (UPF), which are comfortable, good-looking and available in several shapes and sizes are the best bet – they are even available as swimwear.

Bust out your hat

One of the best ways to beat the sun and the heat (and look fashionable while you’re at it) is to wear wide-brimmed hat, which will keep you cool while protecting your face and neck as well as your shoulders.

Always keep sunglasses

Besides damaging skin and the possibility of heat-stroke, Ultra Violet Rays have the capacity to do credible damage to your eyesight as well. The simple act of wearing sunglasses filters out the glare of the sun’s rays and allows for better (not to mention damage-protected) sight. Bonus points if you have polar sunglasses, which further help by reducing the reflection of the sun’s rays by the water.

Don’t fish during peak sun period

If your goal for boating is to fish, the best times to do that are in the early morning and towards the evenings. They are, after all, recommended for a reason – and that is that while there is more than enough light to seamlessly do fishing, there are no glaring sun rays that will cause sunburns.

Take lots of fluids (especially water!)

While this one may sound like a no-brainer, it is often one of the primary reasons of people getting sick while boating. Always make sure to keep yourself hydrated – and make sure to have as much water as possible. Not only does that help replenish your skin cells and keeps you from suffering massive sunburns, it keeps your immunity level up from other heat-induced illnesses, like sunstroke.

Use a boat that has covers for the cockpit and bow

Being in the water means being several miles away from any kind of shade. Having a boat that has customized covers for the bows and cockpits will help you stay comfortable anytime you want to take a break from the sun (if you get too tired or if it gets too hot, for example) and help you prevent yourself to being overexposed and sustain any kind of skin damage or sickness.  


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