Crest Marine


Crest Marine is a manufacturer of specialized pontoon boats that are known for their high-level of structural superiority. It is headquartered in Owosso, Minnesota. Founded in 1957, Crest Marine is an independent and privately-held company.

Dedicated to building the best and safest pontoon boats in the marine industry, the company is famous for the “six pillars” it is based upon, namely Performance, Precision, Comfort, Style, Innovation, and Structural Superiority.

Crest Marine currently offers nine different models of pontoon boats. Models include the Savannah (known for its innovation and style), the Continental (the first ever pontoon boat to offer a full wrap walk-through windshield, the Caribbean (known for its high-standards), the Caliber (known for its style and suitability for water sports), the Crest I and Crest II (their most successful boats till date), and of course the Classic. They also build customized pontoon boats, houseboats and commercial application pontoons upon request.

Contact Information:

2710 M-52, Owosso, MI 48867