Sylvan Marine


Sylvan Marine Inc is a manufacturer of pontoon boats based out of New Paris, Indiana. Originally founded in 1948 as a manufacturer of pontoon boats and houseboats near Lake Sylvan, Wolcottville, Indiana, the company is well-renowned for its high-end ship building, as well as boat building and repairing services.

In its 60+ years of operation, Sylvan Marine has managed to garner a reputation for making constant innovations that are now industry practices. The company is known as one of the most innovative pontoon manufacturers – having introduced several “firsts” into the industry; apart from being the first ever manufacturer to offer pontoon boats with colored side panels, they are credited for introducing Revolutionary Planing Technology – which forms the basis of the RPT tubes that allow for enhanced handling and acceleration. Besides these, Sylvan continues to make minor and major improvements in other areas – from electronic integration to furniture and aesthetics and everything in-between.

Dedicated to bringing the best to its customers, Sylvan Marine believes in offering equal amounts of quality, innovation, and value. Every one of their 700+ employees are known to pay an enormous amount of attention to details to make sure that each and every boat that is ever manufactured under their care is nothing short of industry standards.

Sylvan Marine was purchased by Harold Schrock (founder of Starcraft) in the early 1970s. As of today, operates as a part of the Smokercraft Family of products (as Starcraft was later acquired by Smokercraft).

Contact Information:

68143 Clunette St
New Paris, IN 46553