Manitou Pontoon Boats


Manitou Pontoon Boats is a manufacturer of high-quality pontoon boats for family use. Headquartered in Lansing, Michigan, Manitou Pontoon Boats makes and offers a wide range of luxury, performance and leisure pontoon boats. An independent company, Manitou Pontoon Boats was founded in 1985, and till date remains a family-owned and operated business. The company does not sell directly to retail customers and sells its products exclusively through its dedicated network of authorized dealers. 

A company that always emphasizes on excellence and strives to push the perception of the efficiency of pontoon boats, Manitou’s products are well-known for their upscale design and performance and its premium quality. When it comes to pontoon boats, Manitou has a model to suit every desire, lifestyle and budget. From leisure pontoon boats where the customer can design the floor plans that suits them (and their family) best, to luxury pontoon boats which offer the best available amenities, there is nothing Manitou doesn’t offer to make sure that the need of its customers are met. All performance boats manufactured by Manitou are fitted with V-Toon® Technology, which makes them second to none in terms of handling, speed and acceleration.

In its 22 years of operation, Manitou Pontoon Boats has established itself as a worldwide leader in the manufacture if luxury, performance and leisure pontoon boats. It has also maintained a reputation for being one of the very few standing family-owned and operated companies, where the founders are “the first to get in and the last to leave.”

Contact Information:

16020 S Lowell Rd
Lansing, MI 48906

+1 517-322-3822