New Pontoon Boats in 2020


It’s the beginning of the new year, and with the new year comes new hopes, dreams, resolutions, and of course, vacation plans! With spring and summer seasons just around the corner, many are currently busy making plans on how they will be spending their time in the sunny outdoors. For many, of course, pontooning is the vacation of choice. Offering the right combination of shelter and exposure to the outdoors, pontooning is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling recreational activities that can be enjoyed both alone and in groups (such as with family or with friends).

If you’re among the many looking to get into the activity for a while, or are looking for a new pontoon boat to replace your current one, here are some of the freshest models of 2020:

Bennington BowriderBennington Bowrider

If you are looking for an all-round experience for a fun and sporty experience with family and/or friends, look no further than the Bennington Bowrider. Versatile enough for both sports and casual cruising, the Bowrider comes in a V-Hull performance package, enhanced sight lines for both captains and co-captains, and a low-profile bow with integrated view ports that enhance the level of visibility for passengers alike. The most striking feature of the boat, however, is the pioneering first step-down U-Lounge™ seating arrangement that allows for seating that tops in efficiency whilst bringing people closer together.

Starcraft SLS Series

If what you are after is an exciting ride on the water, and your priority is a boat that can offer such a level of mobility, then the all-new SLS series is ideal for you.  Boats in this series are known for their well-placed HMX tubes and stakes that offer a higher quality of speed and planning, an enhanced lift, a tight turning radius, and most importantly a lower level of surface drag. High on technicality, they offer all the three types of steering (i.e. wheel, tilt and hydraulic), voltmeter and speedometer, and 25” diameter tubes with 100% welded aluminum transom. Models are available in an assorted range of colors.

Starcraft EX Series

If you are among those who have space as their priority and are not shy to spend a little extra to get the best experience, EX series will be your best choice. Prioritizing comfort to the maximum, this series – which has both fishing and cruising models – has 5 very versatile layouts on spacious 8′ widths, making it suitable for even the largest of group travelers. Boats sport 25” diameter tubes with 100% welded aluminum transom, and marine-quality decking and carpeting. All boats are equipped with trim gauge technology that enables maximum smoothness along with maximum fuel saving. Models are available in an assorted range of colors.

Lowe Boats SS170

If you are looking for something that is simple and compact yet well-equipped, look no further than the all-new SS170. Known for packing in the features of larger pontoon boats on its smaller size, this boat packs in high-quality constructions in a remarkable SS styling. The boat’s most remarkable feature, however, remains to be its 25” diameter logs, each with separate and airtight chambers which together make for a very stable and reliable solution, especially if you are out pontooning with family. Further protection is added by the full-length keels that line each pontoon which add extra protection and allow for seamless tracking.