Pontoon 3 - Sun protection for boatersFor many people, boating and sailing are fulfilling and enjoyable summertime leisure activities. Barely surprising, as spending time on the water (and in a boat) under the warm sun is one of the most relaxing things that one can engage in, especially during hot summer months.

That being said, there are a few caveats when it comes to boating, one of them being protection from the sun. While relaxing in sunny weather is invigorating, not taking adequate precautions before doing so can have the opposite effect. Skin damage, eyes damage and sunburn are only some of the many adverse effects boaters can suffer if they are not careful.

Here are some sun protection tips to help you make sure you are taking the right protection when going out in the sun:

Make sure to use sunscreen

First and foremost, you must never step out in the sun without putting on your sunscreen. A broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor of at least 30) with water-resistant properties (as you will also be out in the water). Make sure to have a sunscreen that suits your particular requirements and ensure that you apply it everywhere you are exposed to the sun, including the back of the neck and the rim of the ears.

Always cover up

There was a very valid reasons for pirates to dress up the way they did – to keep themselves protected from the harmful effects of being overexposed to the sun! While you no longer need to dress like a pirate (unless that’s your deliberate plan), you must make sure to wear the right stuff to beat the heat. Clothing containing Ultraviolet Protective Factor (UPF), which are comfortable, good-looking and available in several shapes and sizes are the best bet – they are even available as swimwear.

Bust out your hat

One of the best ways to beat the sun and the heat (and look fashionable while you’re at it) is to wear wide-brimmed hat, which will keep you cool while protecting your face and neck as well as your shoulders.

Always keep sunglasses

Besides damaging skin and the possibility of heat-stroke, Ultra Violet Rays have the capacity to do credible damage to your eyesight as well. The simple act of wearing sunglasses filters out the glare of the sun’s rays and allows for better (not to mention damage-protected) sight. Bonus points if you have polar sunglasses, which further help by reducing the reflection of the sun’s rays by the water.

Don’t fish during peak sun period

If your goal for boating is to fish, the best times to do that are in the early morning and towards the evenings. They are, after all, recommended for a reason – and that is that while there is more than enough light to seamlessly do fishing, there are no glaring sun rays that will cause sunburns.

Take lots of fluids (especially water!)

While this one may sound like a no-brainer, it is often one of the primary reasons of people getting sick while boating. Always make sure to keep yourself hydrated – and make sure to have as much water as possible. Not only does that help replenish your skin cells and keeps you from suffering massive sunburns, it keeps your immunity level up from other heat-induced illnesses, like sunstroke.

Use a boat that has covers for the cockpit and bow

Being in the water means being several miles away from any kind of shade. Having a boat that has customized covers for the bows and cockpits will help you stay comfortable anytime you want to take a break from the sun (if you get too tired or if it gets too hot, for example) and help you prevent yourself to being overexposed and sustain any kind of skin damage or sickness.