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Identifying a Bathroom Leak

Finding a bathroom leak and its cause are not always as easy as it may seem. First thing is a visual inspection. More than likely a leak will present itself in a form of damage. Unfortunately, when a leak is behind a wall a homeowner may not be aware of it until they notice stains, warping, and/or cracking in walls or ceilings indicates water damage. If a leak is slow the odor might be its first identifying characteristic. It is best to call a professional plumber immediately if a room smells of mildew or a strange wet, earthy scent.

For a smaller issue like a leaking or running toilet there is a simpler approach. Before, bed place a few drops a food coloring in the top tank. If the toilet is running you will see the color in the bowl come morning. An easy repair is your solution. Leaky faucet? Make sure all your valves and support straps are tight. If the faucet continues to leak this can mean the water pressure is too high. Your local plumber should be able to find and fix any leak if you are unsure doing it yourself.


Public Insurance Adjuster Heeds Warning: Frozen Pipes & ‘Flood’ Claims

With winter comes the potential for frozen pipes. When pipes freeze they burst of water, costing property owners dearly. The first thing that comes to many peoples’ minds is to call the insurance provider to report a flood claim. According to one of Charlotte’s best Public Adjusters this can be your worst mistake. Within the industry of insurance the term “flood” holds its own definition. A standard insurance policy usually does not cover flood damages, meaning your claim can be denied. So, what is one to do?

A Pubic Adjuster is your best bet to navigate your insurance policy and filing a successful claim. Remember, insurance companies are not going to make it easy for you to get paid. They would like to keep that money for themselves rather than your repairs. Having an advocate on your side, professionally trained and with experience, is the best way to file a successful insurance claim for those busted water pipes. It is also the best way to make sure the issue is resolved in a timely manner.


Unfinished Wood Chair Preparation

There is an important preparation stage that comes along with finishing your very own real wood chair. It is important to go through this phase of the process in order to end up with a quality finished product. The first step involves wetting the entire chair with hot water. This part of the process serves a variety of purposes and is critical to the subsequent staining process. Next up is the sanding part, which needs to be done with different materials.

Chairs are different than tables as they have rounded parts and grooves which needed to be attended to accordingly. When all that preparation is done, there is a way to test out the stain on the underside of the chair before finishing the job. It is important to know all these steps as preparing a chair for the finishing process is an important step. This method of preparation can also be applied to other pieces of unfinished furniture as it is not relegated to a kitchen chair or rocking chair.


Marketing Online Rest on Two Core Principles

There are two rules that will never change when it comes to online market.

  1. Keep the client happy.
  2. Do not get on Google’s bad side.

These rules seem simple enough to follow but many would be surprise at the amount of businesses that neglect to do so.

When it comes to making a customer happy two things come to mind: quality and simplicity. Most people now-a-days correlate technology with simplicity in their everyday lives. The one innovation that is the largest influence in most lives being the internet or, more specifically, mobile technology. This means it’s easier than ever for your consumers to find the information, goods and services they desire. This also means increase in potential competition. That is why it is so important for a business to be equipped with a quality website design able display fully on all devices and platforms but also be found when searched for. When you deliver true quality goods and services to your clients they with be inclined to share their good feelings on social media. Driving your brand organically online.

Google is still the largest and most prominent search engine available. One reason for this being their unsurpassed relevancy and acute attention to the consumers demands; they are useful ahead of the curve. So it makes sense when we tell you cutting corners and trying to work with shortcuts to rank on Google will not work. In-fact, if Google does not agree with a websites behavior it can easily be penalized, crippling its chances for successful.

If you are putting in the time and effort toward online marketing our best advice is to follow these two rules at all times. This will be your first step to online success.

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