Inattentive Driving


Today, distracted chauffeurs are striking the roadways more than ever thanks to the increase in innovation and mobile phone usage. This spike is likewise triggering an increase in auto accidents. We spoke with the top auto accident attorneys in Columbia SC, LEIP Law, to learn more.

If you were struck and hurt by a chauffeur who is distracted, you might have the ability to recuperate your damages with the assistance of an injury lawyer. In your healing efforts, nevertheless, you need to show that the motorist was distracted. Here are a couple of things you ought to learn about distracted driving.

Showing the Other Motorist Was Distracted

Evidence is important and needed in all cases, and it is simply as crucial when showing the chauffeur who struck you was distracted at the time. Showing an interruption might be tough sometimes, however here are a couple of ideas to assist support your claim. LEIP Law has been very successful in helping our auto accident clients, visit our website at to learn more.


If you are able, begin collecting proof at the scene of the wreck. Take some photos of the scene, where the cars are positioned, tires marks, or other significant scenes from the accident. Attempt to discover whether the other motorist was consuming or trying to put on makeup prior to the wreck.

If organizations lie near the scene, contact them to see if they have security video covering the street. Those companies might likewise have staff members that experienced the crash. Make sure to contact your local columbia sc personal injury attorneys LEIP Law if you are ever in need of assistance.

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